Sunday, November 2, 2008

Be Buried in The Toll Cisumdawu Can Replace Loss

Plan development Cisumdawu Toll roads in the district of Trase I Pamulihan, Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia, up to now still in the process of redemption.
Meanwhile, the family died, other than be buried not prohibited in the areas of potential toll road, also will receive compensation.

Surrys L Putra, Head of Regional Infrastructure in Setda Sumedang, Friday (31/11), said that Pemkab Sumedang not prohibit the people who will bury his family in the prospective area toll roads Cisumdawu.

"Because, if we disallow, we will want confused with the corpse. Yes already, we just leave the land and of course later there will be redress," said Surrys.

Except that, the land acquisition process for this toll road, up to now still in the process of consultation on the price of land. "The price that society is set very high reached Rp 11 million per tumbak (14 square meters), according to survive until the committee determined that the price of government," said Surrys.

However, when the tempo in the 12 days after the agreement is also not yet obtained agree, the government will take steps according to laws.

However, further Surrys, he still saw no other alternative that can be implemented, namely the relocation, although the actual implementation does not require a little time. Hopefully, the process of negotiation about the price of this land can complete this weekend.

Talking about the shooting location of the air prospective toll road Cisumdawu this, until now still not complete. "What we know, the results of air shooting up this new area Jatinangor, and other areas we have not yet know how the results," said Surrys .*** Share/Save/Bookmark

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