Friday, October 31, 2008

PLN Officials Admitted to Steal Laptops

SUMEDANG - A quasi official National Electricity Company PLN) APJ Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia, who are checking the electricity, a laptop owned by Dwi Ayu Rizkinani (17 years) lost brought vague.

The new dual-conscious fraud affected, can only be garuk mixed-garuk head of sorts. The problem, he believes it was made against two men who admitted to officers PLN.

The events overwrite grandchildren H Endang Sukandar, a former Regent Candidates who failed in Sumedang Regional Head Selection (Pilkdada) 13 April 2008 pleasant, family Dwi reported to the Police Resort (Polres) Sumedang, Thursday (30/10).

In the re-invention of cases of fraud and theft is implemented, Friday (31/10). Dwi who lived with his family on Jl P Geusan Ulun alley Ojon, Sumedang, Dwi family during the coming two men who admitted to the PLN, believe it.

Therefore, without a suspicious family Dwi take the second man not known to check the electricity in the house. Even when they moved into the house, they still believe that was the second person is the officer.

Behavior of two men, the officer is likely PLN real. "They check the boxes to cable.'m Weird, they check the TV and some electronic equipment," said Dwi family.

Because diliuti still feel confident, Dwi starters let the family into the home without supervision. "Because we believe that their officers PLN. So at the entrance to the house to check the electricity bill, we leave them," he said.

However, after some time the two men went to catch this type of motor Suzuki Shogun, Dwi leave the family home, were realize in the future if there are items missing, the other is a laptop owned Dwi Ayu Rizkinani, a student State High School (SMAN) I Sumedang.

Cases of fraud and theft are now handled Polres Sumedang. Until news is revealed, the police still implement research and development in the field .***


Monday, October 27, 2008

World Bank Help Fund District Sumedang Build Product Information Center Regional Law

SUMEDANG - The Law on Regional Secretariat (Setda) Sumedang regency, West Java, is now using a product development center information Regional Law (PIP) in order to optimize public services online.

Construction of facilities / infrastructure and following the training, all of this cooperation of the Government of Sumedang district and Local Government Innovation Foundation, which delivered Pour assistance from the World Bank.

Of course this to be pride, such as Sumedang District and four other districts in Indonesia have the trust of the central government into Pilot Project.

Five districts of the Pilot Project each Solok district, District Purbolinggo, East Lombok district, District Pare-Pare, and Sumedang District.

Edi Kuswara, head of the Law on Setda Sumedang, said that at this time are made in facilities / infrastructure. "Insya Alloh on Wednesday (29/10) will start training for employees who will be assigned to manage the PIP this," he said.

According to Edi Kuswara, the appointment of Sumedang district after the votes have the possibility of capital, namely the establishment of Legal Network Documentation (JID) that are easily accessible to the public through the Internet online with the website address:

It is said that, as the information sub-system of national legal systems, the dissemination of information on the legal obligations of providers is prinsinya countries,
that the law can be public.

"So adagium said that all people know the law really can position, then the government must provide facilities and physical infrastructure and non-physical," he said.

Furthermore it is said, the information law can not be realized if effective dissemination of laws and regulations are not implemented properly. Dissemination of information laws is the prerequisite for the fact that these rules are known to the public.

The PIP services including legal information service provides quick, easy, accurate and current. In addition, to provide facilities deepen and utilize the knowledge of law through the law library.

While the target, further Edi Kuswara, is that the proper dissemination of all products of law and legal information widely and equitably to all the regulations can be known and understood as a basis for improving the vision and .***


Many Factors Causes Failure Incumbent 5 of 17 Incumbent Surviving Plkades

SUMEDANG - Head of Village Elections (Pilkades) in 34 villages (20 sub-districts) in Sumedang regency, West Java, has been thorough and have 34 candidates to the village (Calkades) Selected, Sunday (26/10) ago. Interestingly, of the 17 incumbent who became Calkades, had only five people are successful.

Sonson M Nurikhsan, the Head of the Secretariat of the Regional Government of Sumedang, on Monday (27/10), said the fact that occur as a result of various factors. "Can you trust as a result of declining, people want to reform or other factors, so of the 17 Calkades (incumbent), which succeeded only five incumbent only pass," he said.

Apart from all that, Sonson rate, of democracy has been running well enough in the villages. In fact, thin defeat by only 8 votes difference, as happened in the village of Jatimekar, Situraja Sub-district, all parties can accept.

"Just, in general, implementation Pilkades which is held concurrently, has been running smoothly and orderly. In this case, we appreciate the participation of the community and all stakeholders so that Pilkades can be implemented well," said Sonson.

To-34 candidates who have successfully become Calkades Selected, that is, from the sub-district Wado: Yayat Ruhiyat (Cikareo North Village); and Dede Suhendar (Sukajadi Village).

The subdistrict Jatinunggal: E Soetarso (Sirnasari Village).
Subdistrict Darmaraja: Wahya Sutriaman (Village Cieunteung); Wahyudin Act (Taunajaya Village). Subdistrict Cisitu: E Kusnadi (Cisitu Village).

Subdistrict Situraja: Ny Cucu Nengsih (Situraja North Village); Aji (Village Karangheuleut); mmmy Kusnadi (Jatimekar Village) and Dede Romat R (Wanakerta Village).

Subdistrict Conggeang: Sukria (Village Narimbang / incumbent); mmmy Kusnadi (Cibubuan Village). Subdistrict Pukekohe: Asep Dadang (Padanaan Village). Subdistrict Buahdua: Ade Kusmaya (Buahdua Village). Subdistrict Tanjungsari: Dede Choerul Falah (Margaluyu Village).

Subdistrict Sukasari: Udin (Village Banyresmi); and Komara (Hasilpur Village). Kecanatan Cimanggung: Jajang Cocoa (Village Sawahdadap); M Sudrajat (Cikahuripan Village).

Subdistrict Jatinangor: Ana Suhana (Village Hegarmanah); and Ulan Ruslan (Jatiroke Village).Subdistrict Rancakalong: Mahrup Hermana (Village Pangadegan); Ajam Suryadi (Village Cibungur / incumbent). Lecamatan Roebourne South: Engkur Kurnia (I). Subdistrict, North Sumedang: Toto Nugraha (The Village).

Subdistrict Ganeas: Dadang Koswara (Village Sukaluyu); Yoyoy Saripudin (Cikondang Village). Subdistrict Cimalaka: Sumpena (Galudra Village). Subdistrict Ujungjaya: Suharya (Cibuluh Village).

Subdistrict Jatigede: Ny Atit Casmiati (Village Cijeungjing); Carya (Village Lebaksiuh / incumbent); Karman (Sukakersa Village) and Carta (Kadu Village / incumbent).
Subdistrict Pamulihan: Ny Mimin Supati A (Village Citali / incumbent ).***


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houses Burnt, from the Siege of Ramadan Surviving Fire

SUMEDANG - Ramadan (1), saved from the siege as a result of the fire house adang (50) in Hamlet Cibungur RT 04 / RW 04, Village Jatibungur, Subdistrict Darmaraja, Sumedang regency, West Java, burned, scorched, Sunday (26/10) at 10:30 WIB.

At the event, children from the husband-wife Adang (30) and Aisyah (25), left alone in front of the room. While both parents, the event is clear landslide not far from the house owned Adang (50), grandfather of Ramadan.

Predictably, the fire comes from short-circuits. The local community know when the house burned, it immediately gives help Cibungur citizens, especially parents clashed directly panic when heard the screaming children in the house that was being burning.

Therefore, people are trying to save immediately known. Lucky, he can be saved from the fire siege of the difficult routes.

The building houses a semi-permanent size of 9 x 6 meters this quickly with the average land. Meanwhile, the business community to extinguish the fire was not successful.

According to adang, home and contents senila Rp 140 million that no one can be saved. However, his wife and adang lebiih lucky because her sons saved from the fire falls .***

Two Pilkades in Subdistrict Darmaraja Two Results Incumbent Village Head Killed

SUMEDANG - Two incumbent village head killed in the election of the village (Pilkades). See it at the Village Cieunteung and Tarunajaya Village, Subdistrict Darmaraja, District Sumedang, West Java, the second incumbent must recognize their superiority.

In the Village Cieunteung, incumbent Village Head Dadang Sonali killed after Wahya Sutriawan successfully collect the most votes. Wahya Sutriawan reach with 910 votes, successfully surpass Dadang Sonali strong opponent that can be collected only 301 votes.

Similarly, three other candidate each Iwang 645 votes; Djumad Djubaedi 77 votes; and Warya Ayutondiawan 263 votes; and blank 10 and not 32 valid votes.

The Head of the Subdistrict (Camat) Darmaraja, Toto Sulaeman, said, Pilkades Village Cieunteung this followed as 2,238 people from a total of 2,999 vote, so the total vote that is not present as many as 761 people (25.37 percent).

"The number of the very many. When we move out the residents there are many who work or study outside koita can not was present in the Pilkades this," said Toto Sulaeman.

Meanwhile, from Pilkades Village Tarunajaya, incumbent Eman Sulaeman again fallen defeated competitors Undang Wahyudin.

Incumben the village head is only getting 705 votes, while the 1096 Undang Wahyudin voice. Thus, Undang Wahyudin degree candidate is entitled to the village head (Calkades) Selected Tarunajaya.

According to Toto, the two Pilkades in this area considered running smoothly and orderly. He delivered the award of the participation of all citizens in the two villages that are Pilkades yesterday.

"We hope, for candidates who get into trust leaders can run their duties with full trust. Pilkades this is the only point of departure, and travel of course is still long," he said.

Meanwhile for the second incumbent, Camat Darmaraja also hope that this patient. He believes, during the run many tasks that have been implemented for the progress of the communities in these two villages. ***


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Football Daughter Team from Sumedang Wait Certainty Represented Indonesia to Thailand

SUMEDANG - Roebourne Football Association (Perses) Sumedang Regency, West Java, up to now still waiting for information from PSSI about the certainty of Sumedang daughter team that will represent Indonesia Daughter Football Championship for Junior Asia, which will be held in Thailand.

Ade Hidayat, Secretary Perses when found, Friday (24/10) and, says Team Shri.Dr. post Sumedang become champion Junior National Football daughter, in August 2008 and has been informed of the intended plan of PSSI to send this team to the Asian Junior Championship represent Indonesia.

"This championship final will be held around October in Thailand, but until now we have not received kepastiannya," said Ade Hidayat.

It is said that Shri Sumedang team is ready at this time when the PSSI ask the team to represent Indonesia to Thailand. "For this is an opportunity Sumedang pride apart at the same time will add insight and experience of the players on the international level.

"The players routinely conduct exercises as a preparation when time is called," he explained.

However, if the team will represent daughter Sumedang Indonesia, the team will need several players from other areas to increase the strength of the team.

"It was the team we not only represent Sumedang in this championship, but represent the country. What is clear there is one player from Jogyakarta that we drill," he said.

Meanwhile, Yeyet R Hidayat, Chairman of the Branch PSSI Sumedang, to acknowledge this when there is no notification from the PSSI about the certainty of Sumedang daughter team to Thailand ..

In the current National Team Indonesia is the daughter Asian Football Championship senior level in Vietnam. "Maybe after the senior championship, we can get certainty it," said Yeyet .***

Three Available Corruption BLM PPK to the House of Detention Arrested

SUMEDANG - Three suspects of corruption Direct Assistance Community Subdistrict Development Program (BLM PPK) from the Subdistrict Tanjungkerta, Sumedang Regency, West Java, on Thursday (23/10) night, arrested to the House of Detention (Rutan) Sumedang detainees as prosecutors Affairs Roebourne (Kejari).

Haryanto Pane, Something Special Crime on Kejari Sumedang, Friday (24/10) and, confirming the arrests have been made over the three available corruption.

Explained, the three suspects are each roster (36) Secretary Unit Manager Subdistrict (UPK) Subdistrict Tanjungkerta. In addition, LM (33) Chairman of the Sub-District Team Manager (TPK) and MH (40) Agency staff UPK Subdistrict Tanjungkerta.

According to him, before the three suspects arrested to Rutan Sumedang Kejari as prisoners, three have undergone intensive investigation, Thursday (23/10) by a team of investigators Kejari Roebourne.

"From the results we have evidence, so that the suspects were made and placed at the institute as a prisoner," said Haryanto.

The three suspects, continued, not BLM KDP funds for the activities of the Women's Savings and Loans (SPP) and Productive Business Economics (UEP) to the user groups and do not make money from the borrower to the treasurer of UPK.

Meanwhile, the amount of money suspected to have misused the three suspects, namely for the private kepetingan amounted to Rp 404 million.

Suspected of corruption made three suspects began around June 2006 to February 2007. This up, said Pane, the three suspects snared Article 2 of Law No. 3 of 1999 jo Law No 20 of 2001 on the criminal.

During a check, the three suspects had accompanied the team legal counsel, namely, Nurkholim and Idar Dartika .***

KADIN Sumedang Will Be Agreement District (Muskab) on 2008, November

SUMEDANG - Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) Sumedang regency, West Java, will be Agreement District (Muskab), which is planned to be held 13 November 2008.

Meanwhile, the meeting planned towards the implementation Muskab was held Friday (24/10) and held at the Office KADIN environment Panday.

Asep S Kusmayadi, Executive Secretary Kadin Sumedang, who is also Chairman of the Field Organization and membership, said at the time of this preparatory meeting was held to discuss the formation of the executive committee Muskab.

According to him, the results based on consensus has been elected Chairman of the Agency is Arief Rangga Karla. As Sarah has been successfully usher Separate meetings of the Regional (Musda) VIII Gapensi Sumedang, not this time.

Organizing this Muskab Kadin, Asep clear, indeed experienced a delay of 4 months. In accordance with the rules that the the loyalty have long ago ended in July 2008.

"Because we are facing the problem, namely the constraints of funds, the implementation Muskab also forced to resign later in November," said Asep, Saturday 25 October 2008.

Implementation Muskab was more Asep, as preparation for the Province of agreement (Musprov), which planned to be held 26-27 November 2008 in Bandung. Next will be the National Implemented Agreement (Munas/General Assembly) Kadin in Jakarta, 20-21 December 2008 .***

Kerosene Subsidy is Revoked, LPG Conversion Program Applied in December 2008

SUMEDANG - Starting in December 2008 according to plan shipments of fuel oil along with the repeal subsidies for oil Sumedang regency, West Java, will be revoked.

Faizal, Head of Economics at the Setda Sumedang, said that the plan freeze shipments of oil from Pertamina after the government's policy of the conversion of land conversion to gas, oil LPG, December future.

Explained, currently Pertamina through the middle of carrying consultant collection. "The result will be verification," said Faizal.

According to him, with revoked these subsidies in the price of oil jumped Roebourne will likely be higher, namely between Rp 8,000 to Rp 10,000 per liter, "It is quite concerned about this situation considering the oil still used by the dominant society," he said.

Recognized, until now the government does not accept the results of the collection while the Pertamina. The family is the target of a family day-to- day practice of oil.

"Of course there is no restriction whether the heads of poor families or not. What would that make all the citizens of oil," he said .***

Friday, October 24, 2008

Selection of the Village Head in Unison in 34 Villages ready to be Carried out Sunday

SUMEDANG - For the second time, the Government Sumedang Regency, West Java, will hold the election of village heads (Pilkades), Sunday (25/10) day after tomorrow. Meanwhile Pilkades the previous implemented in 52 villages, July 13, 2008 then.

Interestingly, the implementation Pilkades were held simultaneously in 34 villages in the district in 20 will be followed by as many as 112 candidates for village heads (Calkades) each incumbent 17 people, 101 men and women, people 11 people.

Sonson M Nurikhsan, Head of Government in Setda Sumedang, said all the election committee and the community is ready to hold the party democracy. While 34 villages in 20 subdistricts, which will carry Pilkades, this week.

The namely from the Subistrict WADO: Cikareo North Village (Village Head Candidate: Tata Rukmana, Encur Suharman, Yayat Ruhiyat); Village SUKAJADI (Calkades: Safari Dali, Joseph romance, Dede Suhendar, Cece).

Subdistrict JATINUNGGAL: Village Sirnasari (Calkades: Agus Duduy, Ateng Ali Syahrudin, Drs E Soetarso, Tatang Rukmana); DARMARAJA: Village Cieunteung (Calkades: Iwang, Djumad Djuabedi, Warya Ayutonidiawan, Wahya Sutriaman, Dadang Sonali); Village Tarunajaya (Calkades: Eman Sulaeman, Wahyudin Act).

Subdistrict CISITU: Village Cisitu (Calkades: E Kusnadi, A Rosanda, Ny Lina Herlina). SITURAJA: North Village Situraja (Calkades: Eddy Rochyadi, Barnas Sutiana, Atik Susilawati Hj Ny Ny Cucu Nengsih); Village Karangheuleut (Calkades: Sesep N Suwarna, Ahria, Aji); Village Jatimekar (Calkades: Ruhiat, Atang Kartaman, Djuhana, M Kusnadi); Village Wanakerta (Tata Nuryadin, Dede Rohmat R).

Subdistrict CONGGEANG: Village Narimbang (Calkades: Yaya, Totong Herawan, Sukria, Udin); Village Cibubuan (Calkades: Endang Saputra, mmmy Kusnadi, Eman Sulaeman).

Subdistrict PASEH: Village Padanaan (Calkades: Toto Supriatna, Dadan Ramdani, Asep late). BUAHDUA: Village Buahdua (Calkades: Dadang Sukmana, Ade Kusmaya).
Tanjungsari: Village Margaluyu (Calkades: Dede Choerul Falah), Ny Nunung K Rosikawaty, Ading Nana Rukmana, Atang Suherman).

Subdistrict SUKASARI: Village Banyuresmi (Calkades: Udin, Suhendi); Village Kawhia (Asep, Komara, Idas), CIMANGGUNG: Village Sawahdadap (Calkades: H Eneg Muhtar, Ojo B, Omo Wahyudin, Jajang Koko, SPd Ny IIS Rosmiati; Village Cikahuripan (Calkades: M Sudrajat, Asep Hidayat, Dudi Efendi, Dindin Haerudin, Etet Wahyudin).

Subdistrict JATINANGOR: Village Hegarmanah (Calkades: Ade Ahmad Sudrajat, Yadi Haryadi, Suri Gandi, Ana Suhana; Village Jatiroke (Calkades: Ulan Ruslan, Dede Hidayat, Cuna).

Subdistrict RANCAKALONG: Village Pangadegan (Calkades: Mahrup Hermana, Uyu Wiyarman, Udas Abdul Kudus); Village Cibungur (Calkades: Adar Suryaman, Atang Suherman, Suryadi Ajam).

Subdistrict SUMEDANG SOUTH: I (Calkades: Asep Rosidi, AMD, Awar Sutiawan, Engkur Kurnia, Dadan Suherlan). SUMEDANG NORTH: The Village (Calkades: Ny Mimin Rukmini, Toto Nugraha, kucingbalap Sunaryanto, Suyud Abdawinata).

Subdistrict GANEAS: Village Sukaluyu (Calkades: Asiman, Dadang Koswara, Edi Sukardi); Village Cikondang (Calkades: Yoyoy Saripudin, M Grace, Dadang Sudrajat, Baban Zaenal Mubarok, SPd).

Subdistrict CIMALAKA: Village Galudra (Calkades: Sumpena, BA, N Entin Kusnawati Ny Sukma Dewi Handayani). UJUNGJAYA: Village Pekanbaru (Calkades: Yuyu Sulya, Suharya).

Subdistrict JATIGEDE: Village Cijeungjing (Calkades: Ucup Mulyana, Ny Atit Casmiati); Village Lebaksiuh (Calkades: Carya, Dirta); Village Sukakersa (Calkades: Iwan Kartiwan C, Karman, Ny Rinawati); Village Kadu (Calkades: Carta, Risja Permana ). PAMULIHAN: Village Citali (Calkades: Asep Zakaria, Iwan Setiawan, Dana Rohyandi, Wahidin, Ny Mimin Suparti A ).***

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The collection of LPG Conversion Ended November, the Land Distribution of Oil high in December 2008

SUMEDANG - The collection of prospective recipients LPG package in the program conversion of oil to gas, LPG, scheduled to end late November 2008.

The consultant Oil and Gas Ministry to do now is still the recipient of the package of candidates in the LPG 277 villages in Sumedang regency, West Java.

Ir Faizal, Head of Economics at the Setda Sumedang, said that implementation was conducted by a consultant appointed by the central government.

Appropriate agenda, data collection will end until the end of November. "Give only Pemkab Sumedang facilities to facilitate the process of the population," he said.

Meanwhile, oil extraction plan that will be replaced by LPG are based on the information will start early December the future.

"This national program. Therefore, we can not do anything to keep the conversion plan," said Faizal .***

Don suggests Waduk Jatigede so PGA Name Change

SUMEDANG - Sumedang Regent H Don Murdnono proposed the name Waduk Serbaguna Jatigede proposed to be replaced Waduk Prabu Great Elephant (PGA). Proposed get this to the Director General of Water Resources Department of Public Works (PU) Basuki Hadimulyono when the first blasting tunnels deterrent Cimanuk river in the village of Cijeungjing, Subdistrict Jatigede, Sumedang regency, West Java, on Thursday (23/10) yesterday.

Jatigede name, said Don, only a region in Sumedang district. Meanwhile, if the PGA can be replaced with a tribute show to the King of Roebourne.

"I ask Waduk Jatigede changed name to the Great Elephant Waduk Prabu. Indeed, the proposed ceremony at the Great Elephant not Prabu, but Jatigede only region in the name of Roebourne. To respect the karuhun Sumedang, it is very feasible Prabu called the Great Elephant, "said Don.

Demand appeared to get a positive response from the Basuki Hadimulyono in his speech. He had stopped his Waduk Jatigede and into the Prabu Gajah Agung (PGA).

"With the Great Elephant Waduk Prabu means almost the same name with the Elephant it," said Basuki, which represents the Ministry of PU Djoko Kirmanto.

The first detonation was witnessed yesterday is not the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan which to attend. He replaced Laksmana Regional Secretary said.

At the present head of the Central Great River Region (BBWS) Cimanuk-Cisanggarung Agus Setiawan and the head of the Satker Jatigede Yaya Sukarya.

The first detonation took place very smoothly yesterday.
Issues of future action Demonstration of Safe large-scale protest that compensation and relocation was not proven.
Blasting begins with the sound of their own sirine. Teams explosives and then do the preparation and about fifteen minutes later, sirine the second ring.

Basuki Hadimulyono lead by blasting a siren button memijit followed and Laksmana said Don Murdono. Right at 11:15, a tranquil atmosphere. Then loud boom sounds. The tonnels make it a one-time rock sandstone cliffs to the top of the spurt. The explosion ended with white smoke seems out of the land.

Unique, only a few local residents who witnessed the first detonation. Residents only see the ceremony outside the arena the first detonation.

Invitations can only see it from the top of the hill that is about 200 meters from the location of the explosion were given the red flag alertt the danger area. Location ceremony the first blasting with cliffs that line is restricted by police.

Meanwhile, Inspector Dam Depertemen PU lead the first blasting, Kuswarjanto said Christopher, who used dynamite blast tunnel dodger around 5 kg.

Dynamite connected with a remote control through the cable with a distance of 200 meters from the explosion location, "he told after the explosion. According to him, over the hill must to blasht approximately 730 meters with a diameter of the tunnel 10 meters. Hill is about 160 meters .***

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amanda Rosady Putri