Friday, October 31, 2008

PLN Officials Admitted to Steal Laptops

SUMEDANG - A quasi official National Electricity Company PLN) APJ Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia, who are checking the electricity, a laptop owned by Dwi Ayu Rizkinani (17 years) lost brought vague.

The new dual-conscious fraud affected, can only be garuk mixed-garuk head of sorts. The problem, he believes it was made against two men who admitted to officers PLN.

The events overwrite grandchildren H Endang Sukandar, a former Regent Candidates who failed in Sumedang Regional Head Selection (Pilkdada) 13 April 2008 pleasant, family Dwi reported to the Police Resort (Polres) Sumedang, Thursday (30/10).

In the re-invention of cases of fraud and theft is implemented, Friday (31/10). Dwi who lived with his family on Jl P Geusan Ulun alley Ojon, Sumedang, Dwi family during the coming two men who admitted to the PLN, believe it.

Therefore, without a suspicious family Dwi take the second man not known to check the electricity in the house. Even when they moved into the house, they still believe that was the second person is the officer.

Behavior of two men, the officer is likely PLN real. "They check the boxes to cable.'m Weird, they check the TV and some electronic equipment," said Dwi family.

Because diliuti still feel confident, Dwi starters let the family into the home without supervision. "Because we believe that their officers PLN. So at the entrance to the house to check the electricity bill, we leave them," he said.

However, after some time the two men went to catch this type of motor Suzuki Shogun, Dwi leave the family home, were realize in the future if there are items missing, the other is a laptop owned Dwi Ayu Rizkinani, a student State High School (SMAN) I Sumedang.

Cases of fraud and theft are now handled Polres Sumedang. Until news is revealed, the police still implement research and development in the field .***


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