Sunday, June 8, 2008

Park Square into Community Recreation Center

GARDEN Square Sumedang, West Java, every Sunday to become the hunted for recreation.

Understandably, although many are indeed a place of tourism, but kenyatannya Square is a people's choice. There also, it is easy to reach.

May be so, the Park Square that became the central capital city of Sumedang district has changed the face and get polesan leadership during Misbach Sumedang Regent (1998-2003).

Facilities provided include in the children's playground,
gazebo and beach facilities.

Talking about building Gazebo, initially designed Misbach as a place or places bekreasi reflect the ideas or other aspirations of the community.

Era of openness, so the term Misbach "tempo dulu".
Indeed, the Gazebo was used by some Padepokan art to display his work.

However, the changes in the concept is no longer utilized community, and even now the real conditions of shelter had used the vehicle owner's toys.

Indeed, this idea Misbach deserve diacungi thumbs, because the park is to provide adequate benefits for the community.

The problem, since it is maintenance. The extent of this maintenance Square is managed by the General Setda because to be a maintenance building with a complex country, only less effective in practice and proved conditions Square is currently less than three.

Unfortunately, maintenance Lingga become a symbol of the district is less than three Sumedang, so faint.
It, Square Sumedang adopted Subdistrict Cimalaka this siphon hundreds of traders streets (street vendors), especially on Sundays. Cornucopia there, street vendors and variety of merchandise and toys are held in place cleanup.***

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