Saturday, October 25, 2008

Football Daughter Team from Sumedang Wait Certainty Represented Indonesia to Thailand

SUMEDANG - Roebourne Football Association (Perses) Sumedang Regency, West Java, up to now still waiting for information from PSSI about the certainty of Sumedang daughter team that will represent Indonesia Daughter Football Championship for Junior Asia, which will be held in Thailand.

Ade Hidayat, Secretary Perses when found, Friday (24/10) and, says Team Shri.Dr. post Sumedang become champion Junior National Football daughter, in August 2008 and has been informed of the intended plan of PSSI to send this team to the Asian Junior Championship represent Indonesia.

"This championship final will be held around October in Thailand, but until now we have not received kepastiannya," said Ade Hidayat.

It is said that Shri Sumedang team is ready at this time when the PSSI ask the team to represent Indonesia to Thailand. "For this is an opportunity Sumedang pride apart at the same time will add insight and experience of the players on the international level.

"The players routinely conduct exercises as a preparation when time is called," he explained.

However, if the team will represent daughter Sumedang Indonesia, the team will need several players from other areas to increase the strength of the team.

"It was the team we not only represent Sumedang in this championship, but represent the country. What is clear there is one player from Jogyakarta that we drill," he said.

Meanwhile, Yeyet R Hidayat, Chairman of the Branch PSSI Sumedang, to acknowledge this when there is no notification from the PSSI about the certainty of Sumedang daughter team to Thailand ..

In the current National Team Indonesia is the daughter Asian Football Championship senior level in Vietnam. "Maybe after the senior championship, we can get certainty it," said Yeyet .***

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