Monday, October 27, 2008

Many Factors Causes Failure Incumbent 5 of 17 Incumbent Surviving Plkades

SUMEDANG - Head of Village Elections (Pilkades) in 34 villages (20 sub-districts) in Sumedang regency, West Java, has been thorough and have 34 candidates to the village (Calkades) Selected, Sunday (26/10) ago. Interestingly, of the 17 incumbent who became Calkades, had only five people are successful.

Sonson M Nurikhsan, the Head of the Secretariat of the Regional Government of Sumedang, on Monday (27/10), said the fact that occur as a result of various factors. "Can you trust as a result of declining, people want to reform or other factors, so of the 17 Calkades (incumbent), which succeeded only five incumbent only pass," he said.

Apart from all that, Sonson rate, of democracy has been running well enough in the villages. In fact, thin defeat by only 8 votes difference, as happened in the village of Jatimekar, Situraja Sub-district, all parties can accept.

"Just, in general, implementation Pilkades which is held concurrently, has been running smoothly and orderly. In this case, we appreciate the participation of the community and all stakeholders so that Pilkades can be implemented well," said Sonson.

To-34 candidates who have successfully become Calkades Selected, that is, from the sub-district Wado: Yayat Ruhiyat (Cikareo North Village); and Dede Suhendar (Sukajadi Village).

The subdistrict Jatinunggal: E Soetarso (Sirnasari Village).
Subdistrict Darmaraja: Wahya Sutriaman (Village Cieunteung); Wahyudin Act (Taunajaya Village). Subdistrict Cisitu: E Kusnadi (Cisitu Village).

Subdistrict Situraja: Ny Cucu Nengsih (Situraja North Village); Aji (Village Karangheuleut); mmmy Kusnadi (Jatimekar Village) and Dede Romat R (Wanakerta Village).

Subdistrict Conggeang: Sukria (Village Narimbang / incumbent); mmmy Kusnadi (Cibubuan Village). Subdistrict Pukekohe: Asep Dadang (Padanaan Village). Subdistrict Buahdua: Ade Kusmaya (Buahdua Village). Subdistrict Tanjungsari: Dede Choerul Falah (Margaluyu Village).

Subdistrict Sukasari: Udin (Village Banyresmi); and Komara (Hasilpur Village). Kecanatan Cimanggung: Jajang Cocoa (Village Sawahdadap); M Sudrajat (Cikahuripan Village).

Subdistrict Jatinangor: Ana Suhana (Village Hegarmanah); and Ulan Ruslan (Jatiroke Village).Subdistrict Rancakalong: Mahrup Hermana (Village Pangadegan); Ajam Suryadi (Village Cibungur / incumbent). Lecamatan Roebourne South: Engkur Kurnia (I). Subdistrict, North Sumedang: Toto Nugraha (The Village).

Subdistrict Ganeas: Dadang Koswara (Village Sukaluyu); Yoyoy Saripudin (Cikondang Village). Subdistrict Cimalaka: Sumpena (Galudra Village). Subdistrict Ujungjaya: Suharya (Cibuluh Village).

Subdistrict Jatigede: Ny Atit Casmiati (Village Cijeungjing); Carya (Village Lebaksiuh / incumbent); Karman (Sukakersa Village) and Carta (Kadu Village / incumbent).
Subdistrict Pamulihan: Ny Mimin Supati A (Village Citali / incumbent ).***


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