Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Pilkades in Subdistrict Darmaraja Two Results Incumbent Village Head Killed

SUMEDANG - Two incumbent village head killed in the election of the village (Pilkades). See it at the Village Cieunteung and Tarunajaya Village, Subdistrict Darmaraja, District Sumedang, West Java, the second incumbent must recognize their superiority.

In the Village Cieunteung, incumbent Village Head Dadang Sonali killed after Wahya Sutriawan successfully collect the most votes. Wahya Sutriawan reach with 910 votes, successfully surpass Dadang Sonali strong opponent that can be collected only 301 votes.

Similarly, three other candidate each Iwang 645 votes; Djumad Djubaedi 77 votes; and Warya Ayutondiawan 263 votes; and blank 10 and not 32 valid votes.

The Head of the Subdistrict (Camat) Darmaraja, Toto Sulaeman, said, Pilkades Village Cieunteung this followed as 2,238 people from a total of 2,999 vote, so the total vote that is not present as many as 761 people (25.37 percent).

"The number of the very many. When we move out the residents there are many who work or study outside koita can not was present in the Pilkades this," said Toto Sulaeman.

Meanwhile, from Pilkades Village Tarunajaya, incumbent Eman Sulaeman again fallen defeated competitors Undang Wahyudin.

Incumben the village head is only getting 705 votes, while the 1096 Undang Wahyudin voice. Thus, Undang Wahyudin degree candidate is entitled to the village head (Calkades) Selected Tarunajaya.

According to Toto, the two Pilkades in this area considered running smoothly and orderly. He delivered the award of the participation of all citizens in the two villages that are Pilkades yesterday.

"We hope, for candidates who get into trust leaders can run their duties with full trust. Pilkades this is the only point of departure, and travel of course is still long," he said.

Meanwhile for the second incumbent, Camat Darmaraja also hope that this patient. He believes, during the run many tasks that have been implemented for the progress of the communities in these two villages. ***


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