Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houses Burnt, from the Siege of Ramadan Surviving Fire

SUMEDANG - Ramadan (1), saved from the siege as a result of the fire house adang (50) in Hamlet Cibungur RT 04 / RW 04, Village Jatibungur, Subdistrict Darmaraja, Sumedang regency, West Java, burned, scorched, Sunday (26/10) at 10:30 WIB.

At the event, children from the husband-wife Adang (30) and Aisyah (25), left alone in front of the room. While both parents, the event is clear landslide not far from the house owned Adang (50), grandfather of Ramadan.

Predictably, the fire comes from short-circuits. The local community know when the house burned, it immediately gives help Cibungur citizens, especially parents clashed directly panic when heard the screaming children in the house that was being burning.

Therefore, people are trying to save immediately known. Lucky, he can be saved from the fire siege of the difficult routes.

The building houses a semi-permanent size of 9 x 6 meters this quickly with the average land. Meanwhile, the business community to extinguish the fire was not successful.

According to adang, home and contents senila Rp 140 million that no one can be saved. However, his wife and adang lebiih lucky because her sons saved from the fire falls .***

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