Friday, October 24, 2008

Don suggests Waduk Jatigede so PGA Name Change

SUMEDANG - Sumedang Regent H Don Murdnono proposed the name Waduk Serbaguna Jatigede proposed to be replaced Waduk Prabu Great Elephant (PGA). Proposed get this to the Director General of Water Resources Department of Public Works (PU) Basuki Hadimulyono when the first blasting tunnels deterrent Cimanuk river in the village of Cijeungjing, Subdistrict Jatigede, Sumedang regency, West Java, on Thursday (23/10) yesterday.

Jatigede name, said Don, only a region in Sumedang district. Meanwhile, if the PGA can be replaced with a tribute show to the King of Roebourne.

"I ask Waduk Jatigede changed name to the Great Elephant Waduk Prabu. Indeed, the proposed ceremony at the Great Elephant not Prabu, but Jatigede only region in the name of Roebourne. To respect the karuhun Sumedang, it is very feasible Prabu called the Great Elephant, "said Don.

Demand appeared to get a positive response from the Basuki Hadimulyono in his speech. He had stopped his Waduk Jatigede and into the Prabu Gajah Agung (PGA).

"With the Great Elephant Waduk Prabu means almost the same name with the Elephant it," said Basuki, which represents the Ministry of PU Djoko Kirmanto.

The first detonation was witnessed yesterday is not the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan which to attend. He replaced Laksmana Regional Secretary said.

At the present head of the Central Great River Region (BBWS) Cimanuk-Cisanggarung Agus Setiawan and the head of the Satker Jatigede Yaya Sukarya.

The first detonation took place very smoothly yesterday.
Issues of future action Demonstration of Safe large-scale protest that compensation and relocation was not proven.
Blasting begins with the sound of their own sirine. Teams explosives and then do the preparation and about fifteen minutes later, sirine the second ring.

Basuki Hadimulyono lead by blasting a siren button memijit followed and Laksmana said Don Murdono. Right at 11:15, a tranquil atmosphere. Then loud boom sounds. The tonnels make it a one-time rock sandstone cliffs to the top of the spurt. The explosion ended with white smoke seems out of the land.

Unique, only a few local residents who witnessed the first detonation. Residents only see the ceremony outside the arena the first detonation.

Invitations can only see it from the top of the hill that is about 200 meters from the location of the explosion were given the red flag alertt the danger area. Location ceremony the first blasting with cliffs that line is restricted by police.

Meanwhile, Inspector Dam Depertemen PU lead the first blasting, Kuswarjanto said Christopher, who used dynamite blast tunnel dodger around 5 kg.

Dynamite connected with a remote control through the cable with a distance of 200 meters from the explosion location, "he told after the explosion. According to him, over the hill must to blasht approximately 730 meters with a diameter of the tunnel 10 meters. Hill is about 160 meters .***

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