Monday, October 27, 2008

World Bank Help Fund District Sumedang Build Product Information Center Regional Law

SUMEDANG - The Law on Regional Secretariat (Setda) Sumedang regency, West Java, is now using a product development center information Regional Law (PIP) in order to optimize public services online.

Construction of facilities / infrastructure and following the training, all of this cooperation of the Government of Sumedang district and Local Government Innovation Foundation, which delivered Pour assistance from the World Bank.

Of course this to be pride, such as Sumedang District and four other districts in Indonesia have the trust of the central government into Pilot Project.

Five districts of the Pilot Project each Solok district, District Purbolinggo, East Lombok district, District Pare-Pare, and Sumedang District.

Edi Kuswara, head of the Law on Setda Sumedang, said that at this time are made in facilities / infrastructure. "Insya Alloh on Wednesday (29/10) will start training for employees who will be assigned to manage the PIP this," he said.

According to Edi Kuswara, the appointment of Sumedang district after the votes have the possibility of capital, namely the establishment of Legal Network Documentation (JID) that are easily accessible to the public through the Internet online with the website address:

It is said that, as the information sub-system of national legal systems, the dissemination of information on the legal obligations of providers is prinsinya countries,
that the law can be public.

"So adagium said that all people know the law really can position, then the government must provide facilities and physical infrastructure and non-physical," he said.

Furthermore it is said, the information law can not be realized if effective dissemination of laws and regulations are not implemented properly. Dissemination of information laws is the prerequisite for the fact that these rules are known to the public.

The PIP services including legal information service provides quick, easy, accurate and current. In addition, to provide facilities deepen and utilize the knowledge of law through the law library.

While the target, further Edi Kuswara, is that the proper dissemination of all products of law and legal information widely and equitably to all the regulations can be known and understood as a basis for improving the vision and .***


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