Friday, October 24, 2008

The collection of LPG Conversion Ended November, the Land Distribution of Oil high in December 2008

SUMEDANG - The collection of prospective recipients LPG package in the program conversion of oil to gas, LPG, scheduled to end late November 2008.

The consultant Oil and Gas Ministry to do now is still the recipient of the package of candidates in the LPG 277 villages in Sumedang regency, West Java.

Ir Faizal, Head of Economics at the Setda Sumedang, said that implementation was conducted by a consultant appointed by the central government.

Appropriate agenda, data collection will end until the end of November. "Give only Pemkab Sumedang facilities to facilitate the process of the population," he said.

Meanwhile, oil extraction plan that will be replaced by LPG are based on the information will start early December the future.

"This national program. Therefore, we can not do anything to keep the conversion plan," said Faizal .***

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